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Dorothy Iannone
Seek The Extremes…

Dorothy Iannone exhibits at Camden Arts Centre 8 March - 5 May 2013

Catalogue published to accompany the exhibition Dorothy Iannone/Lee Lozano: Seek the Extremes... at Kunsthalle Wien, July - October 2006.

Since the 1960's, the American artist Dorothy Iannone has been working on large, figurative paintings and singing boxes featuring psychedelic characters, objects and ornamental themes. Her utopian, bounteous messages (of love) reflect the psychedelic art of the sixties and testify to her unbowed expressiveness and vitality.

Contains texts by Sabine Folie, and Barbara Vinken.

Hardcover, two volumes included (one for Iannone, one for Lozano)

Verlag Moderne Kunst 2006

Please note: special reduced price due to minor water damage on each copy supplied to us