Alexis Rockman

Wonderful World

23 April - 13 June 2004

Prairies of GM crops, a human ear grafted on a mouse’s back and a six-winged chicken. The recent past, present and possible future of bio-engineering. Alexis Rockman’s massive, vibrant paintings present unsettling and ambivalent visions of the ‘Wonderful World’ prompted by the latest human interventions in nature.

Four darkly humorous and disturbing paintings (Pet Store, Sea World, Hothouse and Soccer), the result of the artist’s research residency at Camden during 2002 – 2003, are shown alongside the first in the series, The Farm (2000). This is the first chance to encounter Rockman’s carefully researched explorations of the continuing biotech revolution.

Residency supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Exhibition supported by The Wellcome Trust. Catalogue supported by Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, Colarado

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