Verne Dawson

Verne Dawson

13 May - 10 July 2005

For his first exhibition in a public gallery in the UK, Verne Dawson has selected two groups of paintings from the last six years, augmented with a new, previously unseen work completed specially for this exhibition. Drawn from collections in the US and Europe, the exhibition brings together a series of three large-scale acrobat paintings with four paintings based on the seasons.

The Cycle of Quarter-Day Observances is set in 23,800 BC, recalling a time evoked through fairy tales and rituals associated with festivals such as May Day, Halloween and Christmas.


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Dawson takes figures from these Arcadian landscapes to the setting of the Big Top and draws parallels between the zodiac and the spectacle of the circus. Dawson’s paintings explore mankind’s position in the universe and the mythological roots of civilisation by situating the past in the present and suggesting ways forward for the future. His extensive interests range from mathematics, logic and the planets to Picabia via prehistoric cave drawings and focus on links between ancient and modern worlds.

Supported by the Embassy of the United States

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