Emma Hart

1 July - 30 April 2008

Transitions is designed to assist children during the challenging move from primary to secondary school, helping to give students the confidence to adjust to a new environment. The three year project explores the experience of change and eases the transition. In partnership with Hampstead secondary, and Beckford, Kingsgate and Emmanuel primary schools in the Borough of Camden.

From June 2008 - April 2009 artist Emma Hart is artist in residence at Hampstead School, working with students who are new to the secondary education system. Based in a studio in the Art Department renamed 'Question Department', she encourages the idea that being lost, nervous or unsure is a great place to start making art from. “It is nearly always questions and uncertainty that provoke me to make artwork. Being nervous about starting something – it’s how to begin.” Emma Hart

Hart’s practice is a course of action, setting out inventive processes to undertake with the moving and still image, primarily using photography. Through trial and error and mostly unpredictable outcomes she questions our conventional understanding of cameras - that they are passive recording devices.

The project explores how an artist can operate within a school. Who should be making art, for whom and where? She reflects on the performances inherent within education and the audio visual equipment used within schools, presenting elements of live work and projections made for the classroom.

Following her Transitions residency at Hampstead School Hart presents 'Question Department' in the Artists’ Studio.

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Transitions is supported by Awards for All and The Hampstead Camden and Wells Trust.

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