Tomáš Vanēk

Tomáš Vanēk

1 July - 30 September 2004

Common experiences, like never being able to find the end of a roll of tape, are aired in the work of Tomáš Vanēk, one of the Czech Republic’s most intriguing young artists. He plans to research and make new work during his three month residency based at Camden Arts Centre and Delfina Studios. The artist’s interventions in libraries and other public buildings often involve the use of posters, stencils and patterns or dialogue with members of the public. Specially made notebooks of stencil works are held in the reserve collection of Swiss Cottage Library. You can request to view the works at the loans desk of the Sir Basil Spence-designed library, a short walk from Camden Arts Centre.

A wall mounted glazed display case has been installed in the neighbourhood close to Camden Arts Centre. Since 1998, with the Prague artists group ‘pas’, Tomáš Vanēk has organised street exhibitions for local people.

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The residency is part of an exchange with the Theatre Institute Prague, who will host a British artist following Vanēk’s time in London.

Funded by Arts Council England

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