Collaborate/k?‘lab?re?t: Lilly Vasil and Loucin Moskofian

Collaborate/k?‘lab?re?t: Lilly Vasil and Loucin Moskofian

6 March 2019

Wednesday, 6 March
6.00 – 8.00pm

For this evening at the Camden Arts Centre, the Café is turning into a small stage and communal gathering spot with an hour long set from Lilly Vasil and Loucin Moskofian, together they will share a selection of new song’s they’ve been collaborating on, improvisational music and a few classic crowd-pleasing covers. Following the gig, drinks and Q+A with the band.

Part of a programme of events hosted by this year's project Testbed: Collaborate/kəˈlabəreɪt.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Hightown Pirates are unable to perform. 

Lilly Vasil’s practice crosses art and music making, tackling societal views on poverty, politics and social stigma in the UK, specifically North London. Performing on stage, or at protests, her interest in punk culture, kitsch and retro blur the lines of high and low art. Having learned music by ear, narrative and improvisation is prominent in both her practices.

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