Radio Writing

Sarah Tripp

23 April - 23 June 2013

The inaugural Radio Writing residency has been awarded to Glasgow-based artist Sarah Tripp. Tripp’s work centres on different approaches to narrative and storytelling; working across film, performance and printed words, her practice is rooted in observation and experience.

For this commission Tripp will create a sequence of hourly chimes – short audio segments – comprised of percussive sound and spoken word. These chimes, played on hospital radio throughout the day, will act as temporary markers, reflecting the time and atmosphere of the hour in which they appear.

This residency will be accompanied by a short series of events and open studios offering visitors a chance to discover more about the project and Tripp’s work and practice.


24 Stops
Sunday 23 June 3.00pm
Artist-in-residence Sarah Tripp presents a live performance of her new work, commissioned for hospital radio, featuring a sequence of hourly chimes created to evoke the passing of the day.

Radio Writing marks the start of a collaboration between Camden Arts Centre and UCLH Arts. The project commissions an artist to create new work for both hospital radio and live performance.

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