Performance: Akio Suzuki and Yuko Mohri (1)

Yuko Mohri

7 July 2018

Saturday 7 July 2018, 1.00pm

To coincide with Yuko Mohri’s exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, a performance with Japanese sound art pioneer Akio Suzuki will be presented in Mohri's installation. The performance draws on Mohri’s background in music and long-standing engagement with the experimental music scene in Japan.

Since the 1960s, sound art pioneer Akio Suzuki has been investigating the acoustic quality of selected locations and creating corresponding topographies. His intensive involvement with the phenomena of pulse and echo led him to develop his own instruments in the 1970s. One of these is the spiral echo instrument Analapos. It consists of a coil spring and two iron cylinders that function as resonating chambers, and is played with the voice or by hand. Starting from the 90s, his soundwalk project, oto-date, which means, respectively, "sound" and "point" in Japanese, finds listening points in the city, and playfully invites the audience to stop and listen carefully at given points on the map. Suzuki has been also active in the improvised music scenes in different continents, and has collaborated with Takehisa Kosugi, Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, David Toop, Aki Onda, Rie Nakajima, and John Butcher.

Video stills ©Helen Petts

This event has been programmed with 33:33 and forms part of MODE – a programme of music, visual art, performance and film curated by Ryuichi Sakamoto

In partnership with Japan Foundation

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