Introductory Talk: Matt Mullican & Bonnie Camplin

Matt Mullican, Bonnie Camplin

29 September 2016

Matt Mullican and Bonnie Camplin discuss their exhibitions with Mark Pilkington, writer and co-founder of Strange Attractor Press

Matt Mullican (b.1951, Santa Monica, CA) lives and works in Berlin and New York. Previous exhibitions include Organizing the world, Haus der Kunst, Munich, 2011 and THAT WORLD / ESE MUNDO, Museo Tamayo, Mexico, 2014. Mullican is represented by Mai 36 Galerie. Read more.

Bonnie Camplin (b. 1970, London), lives and works in London. Her solo exhibitions include Salty Water/What of Salty Water Portikius, Frankfurt (with Paulina Olowska, 2007) and Lightbox, Tate Britain, London (2008). Camplin was included in Strange Things Permit Themselves the Luxury of Occuring curated by Steve Claydon, Camden Arts Centre (2007). In 2015 she was nominated for the Turner Prize for her 2014 presentation at South London Gallery as part of Anxiety Arts Festival.

Mark Pilkington has run Strange Attractor Press since 2001, publishing books and programming events celebrating unpopular culture. He is the author of 'Mirage Men' (2010), which was made into a documentary feature film, and 'Far Out: 101 Strange Tales from Science’s Outer Edge' (2007). As a writer he has contributed to magazines, journals and anthologies including Boing Boing, Fortean Times, Frieze, The Guardian and The Wire. When not working with words he makes music with Teleplasmiste, Urthona and The Begotten.

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