The Kilburn Grand Tour

The Kilburn Grand Tour

4 - 28 October 2012

Camden Arts Centre’s Volunteer Front of House Assistants present the second ‘Test Bed’ exhibition in collaboration with Kingsgate Workshops Trust.

The Kilburn Grand Tour is an interactive exhibition that focuses on artistic exploration and community involvement. Featuring works by Camden Arts Centre Volunteers Deborah Farr, Cornelia Marland, Evy Jokhova, Suits Meso, Helene Latey, Lara Smithson and Asako Taki, the works are not only inside Kingsgate Gallery but in unusual off-site spaces around Kilburn. The project aims to engage the public in an artist-led investigation into the history, community and environment of Kilburn.

The exhibition continues to evolve over the month of October. Asako Taki’s blog project, begun in May 2012, reflects her encounters with the people of Kilburn. Deborah Farr installs a glow-in-the-dark mural in the Iverson Road arches, while the collective Kilburn-Mapping-Project continues to grow within the gallery, through the help of our visitors. Also inside Kingsgate, Suits Meso’s flag-and-sound installation is displayed alongside a performance-wall drawing by Evy Jokhova. Alongside, Jokhova is making a short film that follows one day in Kilburn for 50 years using archival documents and footage filmed by herself. Helene Latey’s guerilla planting along the hidden trail of the old Kilburn River contains a mix of perennial native plants, the full extent of the flowering of these plants taking place from the following spring and re-emerging in years to come.

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The Kilburn Grand Tour aims to support and encourage the establishment of co-operative links between art and public and private organisations in the local area. Its artistic insights and explorations are based on the community involvement of Kilburn residents and visitors with an interest in the history and development of Kilburn. Thus, this exhibition hopes to promote Kilburn as an area in which to live, to work, to study and as an interesting place to visit and discover.

An artist-created catalogue will be published to accompany the programme.

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The Kilburn Grand Tour is supported by Arts Council England.

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