Ideas for Experiments

Ideas for Experiments

31 August 2011 - 30 June 2012

Ideas for Experiments broadens childrens’ and young people’s understanding of their physical environment through tangible learning approaches. Working with primary and secondary schools in Camden, the project brings pupils into contact with contemporary art, combining the viewing of exhibitions with the testing of material properties and processes.

Ideas for Experiments prioritises an inclusive environment for pupils with language and learning needs and seeks to create a space for varied means of interacting and communicating in groups. Through the project, experimental processes in contemporary art become a catalyst for ideas, with pupils working collaboratively both in school and at Camden Arts Centre. Pupils and teachers record the findings of their experiments, widening vocabulary and literacy skills. Ideas for Experiments works in close dialogue with teachers to offer support and meaningful engagement with current curriculum concerns and individual pupil progression.

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In 2011-12, artist Viyki Turnbull will work with primary schools to develop an inclusive environment for pupils with language and learning needs, which tests the various ways that materials behave. Using contemporary art as a catalyst for ideas, pupils will work collaboratively both in school and at Camden Arts Centre to record their findings throughout the year, building on vocabulary to make connections across the curriculum.

Working with a secondary school, artist Richard Jones will develop a series of collaborative workshops for year 12 pupils to develop critical awareness around television media. The workshops will include pupils with varied language and learning needs, creating a supportive environment to identify real and constructed identities in TV media.

Participating schools include Holy Trinity Primary School, Torriano Infants School, Edith Neville Primary School and South Camden Community School.

Ideas for Experiments is currently supported by John Lyon's Charity, The Rayne Foundation and The Equitable Charitable Trust.

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