Build an Otter Den

Ruth Ewan

18 January 2015

Sunday 18 January
2.00 – 4.30pm

Families are invited to help build an artificial otter holt which will then form part of Ruth Ewan's installation Back to the Fields. We will learn how otters build their homes and collaborate to make one in the gallery from wood, branches and piping.

Back to the Fields brings to life the French Republican Calendar, which was used from 1793 until 1805. In the calendar, months and weeks were restructured and seasons and days renamed in collaboration with artists, poets and horticulturalists to reflect the annual cycle of nature and agriculture. The otter holt created during the workshop will represent the 'Otter' day in the exhibition.

An exciting opportunity to see behind the scenes of and contribute to Ruth Ewan’s exhibition with the artist, experts from the International Otter Survival Foundation, Camden Arts Centre's technicians and the Education team.

Everyone is welcome to come to this free event. The activity is particularly recommended for families with children aged five years and upwards.

Please book a free space for each member of your family; places are limited.

#backtothefields #CACeducation

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