Charlie Hooker

ever since

19 March - 5 May 1991

Gallery III 

Charlie Hooker’s numerous site-specific installations and performances have crossed boundaries within the arts to include dance, music and theatre as well as sculpture and image-making. In recent years, Hooker has concentrated on indoor and outdoor installations which combine sound and movement with sculpture and drawing, and refer directly to viewer’s physical presence.

ever since is an atmospheric installation. A series of pendulums and a constantly moving, giant metronome arm emit musical sounds that rise and fall as they swing gently through the gallery around which are placed sculptural forms.

The piece has been commission by the Centre specifically for Gallery III. The cyclical structure of ever since is based on the interior architecture and the controlled movement of traffic outside. But as in many of Hooker’s projects, it makes comparisons between materials, mood, scale and rhythm to imply a variety of situations in which change is wrought by time.

Presented with support from Tom Bendem, Pendulum mechanisms by David Cross. With assistane from Travis Perkins.


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