Café Curio: VARIETY - Tom Rees, Emma Bennett, Ruth Beale and Max Dovey

Café Curio: VARIETY - Tom Rees, Emma Bennett, Ruth Beale and Max Dovey

22 August 2012

VARIETY: Tom Rees, Emma Bennett, Ruth Beale and Max Dovey
7.00 - 9.00pm

In recognition of Bruce Lacey’s longstanding collaboration with The Alberts, VARIETY presents a celebration of the performed spoken word. This eclectic mix of the sublime and the raucous conjures the pioneering spirit of music hall and early broadcast entertainment.

Tom Rees: Green, but not like the green light
A performed monologue investigating the relationships between technology, memory, fact and narrative. Rees' peformance will take the form of an illustrated lecture amidst a subtley shifting combination of narrative and image memory and fact.

Five Minutes On The Air: Emma Bennett, Ruth Beale & Max Dovey
It's harder, wrote George Orwell in 1945, to capture five minutes on the air in which to broadcast a poem, than twelve hours in which to disseminate lying propaganda, tinned music, stale jokes and faked discussions. With his brief radio career behind him, former BBC staff member 9889 wrote Poetry & The Microphone, encouraging new artistic uses for a 'much despised medium' under government control. Drawing on material from his journalism, non-fiction and cultural commentary, three experimental new works from Emma Bennett, Ruth Beale and Max Dovey will consider Orwell's vexed relationship with radio and it's potential as a medium for art.

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