Cafe Curio: VARIETY - Joey Ryken’s Karaoke Codex

Cafe Curio: VARIETY - Joey Ryken’s Karaoke Codex

5 September 2012

VARIETY: Joey Ryken's Karaoke Codex
7.00 - 9.00pm

In recognition of Bruce Lacey’s longstanding collaboration with The Alberts, VARIETY presents a celebration of the performed spoken word. This eclectic mix of the sublime and the raucous conjures the pioneering spirit of music hall and early broadcast entertainment.

In a  unique experiment VARIETY presents an evening of performance and Karaoke incorporating music, costumes and the theatre of the absurd. Amid performances and song, audiences are invited to select performances to present from the Codex performance book. Online performers will also be able to participate through live streaming at off site locations. To register for a performance either offsite or on the night contact

All VARIETY events will be broadcast live at

This event is part of Transmitter and supported by Bloomberg.

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