Cafe Curio: VARIETY - Stephen Crowe and Mel Brimfield with Dickie Beau

Cafe Curio: VARIETY - Stephen Crowe and Mel Brimfield with Dickie Beau

8 August 2012

VARIETY: Stephen Crowe and Mel Brimfield with Dickie Beau

7.00 - 9.00pm

In recognition of Bruce Lacey’s longstanding collaboration with The Alberts, VARIETY presents a celebration of the performed spoken word. This eclectic mix of the sublime and the raucous conjures the pioneering spirit of music hall and early broadcast entertainment.

Two performances featuring the artist's voice transposed from the confessional to the stage:

Francis Bacon Opera by Stephen Crowe
A two man opera taking as it's starting point the famous 1986 interview between Melvyn Bragg and Francis Bacon. Conducted over some hours, soaked with drink, their conversation became epic in it's scope and notoriety. Composer Stephen Crowe as set the discussion to music for the stage - a modern opera from which he presents an excerpt for the VARIETY programme.

Artist's Monologues by Mel Brimfield and Dickie Beau
Mel Brimfields's performances and installations address the history of popular culture and evolution of art history, interweaving art works, metafictions and archival materials to create an alternate cultural narrative. For VARIETY Brimfield has collaborated with virtuoso cabaret performer Dickie Beau to present a series of imagined monologues from some of the giants of modern art.

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