Open Call Out: Christian Nyampeta: Translating the Words after the World

Christian Nyampeta

12 - 30 June 2017

Christian Nyampeta, our current residency artist and forthcoming exhibition artist, looks to gather a group of people fluent in French to form a working group to translate excerpts of Francophone literary and philosophical texts. The texts are written between 1952 and 2017, and although they are referential in their category, little or no English translation exists. As a member of the working group, you will work with Nyampeta on the task of producing English translations of the selected extract, and to engage in group discussion of the potential meanings of certain words and concepts. Knowledge of philosophy is not required but fluency in French is essential.

There is a limited availability so please contact Nisha Matthew by 30 June 2017 to avoid disappointment

17 June – an informal meeting with the artist to discuss the project
July (date tbc) – Skype call with the artist
August (date tbc) – Skype call with the artist
1 September – first working session at Camden Arts Centre

Due to Nyampeta travelling over the next couple of months, he will hold an informal meeting at Camden Arts Centre on 17 June for those interested. We will still accept applications for the project up until the deadline of 30 June. Please note that during July and August some of the meetings and discussions will take place online via Google docs and Skype.

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