Pause Patina

Pause Patina

15 - 18 April 2015

15 - 18 April 
Artists' Studio 

He had applied the question to the great fact of the picture, as she had spoken for the picture in reply, but it was as if their words for an instant afterwards symbolized another truth, so that they looked about at everything else to give them this extension. She had passed her arm into his, and the other objects in the room, the other pictures, the sofas, the chairs, the tables, the cabinets, the ‘important’ pieces, supreme in their way, stood out, round them, consciously, for recognition and applause. Their eyes moved together from piece to piece, taking in the whole nobleness – quite as if for him to measure the wisdom of old ideas. The two noble persons seated in conversation and at tea fell thus into the splendid effect and the general harmony: Mrs. Verver and the Prince fairly ‘placed’ themselves, however unwittingly, as high expressions of the kind of human furniture required aesthetically by such a scene. The fusion of their presence with the decorative elements, their contribution to the triumph of selection, was complete and admirable; though to a lingering view, a view more penetrating than the occasion really demanded, they also might have figured as concrete attestations of a rare power of purchase. There was much indeed in the tone in which Adam Verver spoke again, and who shall say where his thought stopped? ‘Le compte y est. You’ve got some good things.’

Henry James, The Golden Bowl

Edited by Philippe Daerendinger and Sam Tierney, this exhibition brings together new works by second year Royal College of Art Sculpture students.   The works look to consider ideas of the architectural container, one that is an imbued habitat, pervasive and enveloping, consummated by the works created.

Contributing artists:

Saelia Aparicio, Jude Crilly, Philippe Daerendinger, William Darrell, Alexander Duncan, Jemma Egan, Reka Ferenczi, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Julia Frank, Helena Hartmann, Greg Howie, Martha Hviid, Oskar Jakobsen, Cerlin Karunaratne, Minsun Lee, Nu Li, Rafaela Lopez, Hanqing Ma & Mona Yoo, Isabella McEvoy, Fleur Melbourn, Laura O'Neill, Konstantinos Pettas, Valentina Pini, Natalie Price Hafslund, Lucia Quevedo, John Rogers, Marco Strappato, Samuel Tierney, Julia Varela, Nicole Vinokur, Demelza Watts, Hanae Wilke, Aethan Wills, Jacob Wolff, Andrea Zucchini

The space is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if you have additional access requirements.


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