Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2001

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2001

22 June - 19 August 2001

Bloomberg New Contemporaries offers an important platform for emerging artists’ work to be seen and discussed. The exhibition is shaped by a process of selection from slides, videos, CD-roms, photographs and audio-tapes through to a shortlist of actual works. This year’s selectors, sculptor Mike Nelson, critic and writer Jennifer Higgie and painter Chris Ofili considered over 1200 applications and selected work by 27 outstanding artists. The works, chosen for their individualism and vitality, cover a broad spectrum and present a cross-section of emerging talent. The selection embraces and challenges different media formats - there is a strong representation of works in video, film, sound and digital technologies, but painting, sculpture and photography are also included.

The selected artists are Jennifer Allen, Tolia Astakhishvili, Eve Blackwood, Matthew Brotherhood, Vardo Caivano, James Coupe, Ryan Doolan, Jack Duplock, Bernhard Frankel, Laura Green, Sophie von Hellerman, Lizzie Hughes, James Hutchinson, Ruth Iliffe, Francis Lamb, On-Yee Lo, Lee Mackinnon, Eline Mc George, Harold Offeh, Matias Ring, Aura Satz, Andro Semeiko, Conrad Shawcross, Daniel Silver, Twenteenth Century, Jessica Warboys and Michelle Williams.

Sponsored by Bloomberg and supported by the Arts Council of England

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