Beverly Semmes


2 December 1994 - 22 January 1995

Beverly Semmes, who lives and works in New York, makes work using fabric which takes the form of exaggerated and distorted female clothing. Semmes falls into a growing tradition of artists using textiles and clothing as a medium. Often using rich colours and sumptuous fabrics, her work has strong sculptural and formal qualities.

The piece in Gallery III is a new installation made especially for Camden. The overblown gold velvet and pink organza dress fills one wall and almost the entire floor of the gallery, drawing the viewer into a ‘Alice-through-the-Looking-Glass’ landscape. The piece can be seen as addressing questions of femininity, power and architectural context.

The exhibition is a three-part collaboration with James Hockney Gallery, Farnham and Southhampton City Art Gallery and is supported by the Arts Concil of England. A selection of Semmes’ recent work is on show at Southampton until 31 December and another new installation piece is displayed at Farnham from 4 December until the end of January.

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