Kate Davis

Kate Davis

5 January - 7 March 2010

For her residency Glasgow-based artist Kate Davis focuses on the denial of closure, completion or demarcation that Eva Hesse's studio works so richly pose as a progressive political and feminist action.

Carrying out a number of experiments as part of this exercise, with particular reference to the work of The London Filmmakers Co-operative, Davis aims to address questions arising from Feminist history. Davis researches and concentrates on the moving image's relationship to a feminist heritage and the need to question 'how we can go on' today, alongside Beckett's imperative, 'I can't go on, I will go on'.

At the culmination of her residency, Davis presents a unique collaboration with the Subjectivity and Feminisms research group at Chelsea School of Art, for an evening of film screenings and discussion. This event is the inauguration of the Visual Thinking: a series of collaborations with visual arts research groups across London.